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About Sean Burch

With each step, especially when made with slowing pace, he feels his past, those aged hands in his, those sharp eyes burrowing into him and that incisive mind inquiring, “Sean, are you living your life to the fullest?”

And then at that moment, his pace quickens as a rush of endorphins kicks in—some would ask from where, but Sean knows exactly from who—and he’s off again. He accelerates, fueled from his last meal, a compound of nutrients designed specifically to fuel his mind.

The ever-pressing presence of his mentor. Sean thinks “I’m doing this for my grandpa,” just as he hears within his own head a voice drown him out: “No Sean. You’re doing this for them.”


And his grandpa is absolutely right. There are greater reasons. He’s doing this for Nepal. He’s doing this for the people.

An adventure fitness athlete, consultant, speaker, and writer, Sean Burch was awarded Goodwill Ambassador to Nepal for 2011 by their government, and is currently working with the Nepal Trust in Nepal www.nepaltrust.org, has assisted the World Wildlife Fund www.wwf.org, in Tanzania, the Fujisan Club www.fujisan.or.jp, in Japan, and multiple health outpost clinics throughout the Khumbu region of Nepal. Sean is a multiple world record holder, and has been an instructor of martial arts and master fitness consultant for over 22 years. He is author of the highly acclaimed self-help and fitness book, Hyperfitness: 12 Weeks to Conquering Your Inner Everest.







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