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What does it take to survive? To endure pain, to continually move forward, to strive to make it in this world?


Nepal. Housing seven of the ten largest mountains, the raw beauty of Nepal’s landscape contains within it a rich culture, a rich history, all nestled in the Himalayas. Despite such intrinsic wealth, Nepal marches on with little knowledge of its issues shared to the rest of the world.

Grinding poverty compounded by the current post-conflict realities–political instability, rising food and petrol prices, damaged or destroyed infrastructure and a curtailed economy–these very real issues go unseen and unheard. Lost along with it is the cultural value and geographic majesty to the contemporary world.


(source: thegreathimalyatrail.org)

Like Nepal, the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) is a beautiful marvel, but one wrought with challenges. Comprised of a network of trails coming together across a multitude of diverse landscapes, the GHT is a phenomenal experience, one tied directly to that of Nepal.

Can one man make a difference? Along with the Nepal Trust organization and a logistic crew comprised of local, indigenous support staff, Sean Burch sought to bring awareness to Nepal by completing The Great Himalayan Trail in world record time.

“One of the most important factors needed for me to reach my goal during the GHT expedition was to stay focused throughout each and every second I was on the trail. When you have obstacles such as blinding snowstorms, one of latest and worst monsoon’s in Nepal’s history, landslides, high altitude, leeches, hypothermia, extreme daily mental and physical exhaustion, traversing 1,250 miles over the Himalaya, 2.6 million steps, and tackling elevation gains/ losses of over 500,000ft.

“One of the most important factors needed for me to reach my goal during the GHT expedition was to stay focused throughout each and every second I was on the trail.”

The most important asset I could have was a mind-set second to none: my life depended on it. If I had listened to my body, I would have quit after day 10 when over 30 leeches attacked my feet. A person is as only as good as what he/she puts in their body. You need to think of your body as a Ferrari, not a 70’s pinto.”






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