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The Story

Mental Toughness has many definitions and is not limited to athletic performance and pain tolerance.


In 2010, Sean Burch faced his greatest challenge and tested his mental toughness by striving to bring awareness to Nepal. He knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Rather than simply taking an armchair approach, Sean–along with the Nepal Trust organization and a logistic crew comprised of local, indigenous support staff–sought to bring awareness to Nepal by completing The Great Himalayan Trail in world record time. How else would he convey the challenges facing this country while at the same time sharing what it had to offer?

By challenging his mind to the fullest. By traversing the Great Himalaya Trail in World Record time.


Sean went on to crush the 1,250-mile run’s World Record by finishing Nepal’s Great Himalaya Trail in 49 days, six hours, eight minutes. And every ground-breaking moment was a challenge.




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