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KA! Organic is an unprecedented combination of Superfoods to help strengthen the mind toughen the body and increase endurance.* World class athletes always note that their state of mind is the primary ingredient in epic performance.

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Ka! Mental Superfood and it’s Users

Good morning everyone!  Hope you’re all off to a good start today.  We are already 3 interviews into our day in Rome.  But, given that I’m only into my 2nd day here, still have some jetlag.  As usual, I’m drinking Ka to help me recover…definitely helps with the mental clarity! 

Brad Camrud
The Link Group

In short, I love it.

I have been very short on sleep lately due to pressing time commitments, and also very on the go. I took my third packet in about 16 ounces of water. I was hard at work on a very demanding writing project, but just feeling lethargic and fuzzy headed. It was difficult to motivate concentration. I felt myself perk up about half way through the drink. It wasn’t a sparkly or zippy feeling. I just felt more together – like I’d just gotten my second wind. If I hadn’t known what I was drinking, I might have thought it was no more than that. A couple hours later, I boarded my flight. I almost always fall asleep just before take off, and awaken a few minutes after. If I’m already tired, then I tend to doze fitfully through the flight. I was very exhausted this trip, having only received about 2 hours of sleep the night before, and that after scarce sleep the whole week. As usually, I did drop off just before take off. However, a few minutes afterward, I just awakened naturally, refreshed and ready to resume my ceaseless writing. The feeling stayed with me well into the evening, and even when I felt myself dropping, this felt natural and easy. Even so, I was still able to push through till bed time.

Some other energy drinks do have this pleasant effect, but the results are unpredictable for me. Other times, I’m just left feeling like a jittery mess, or like I’m still very tired but now restless. With Ka!, I felt none of that. I also want to note the taste once more. I really like it. I could drink the stuff if it had nothing to do with the energy.

Daniel Kish, President – World Access For the Blind Organization


I bought your four packet trial package and then the container. I have to say I thought Ka was great. I felt really “stoked” for pretty much the whole day while I rode three horses in my capacity as trainer, split firewood, ran for three miles and lifted some weights. I can’t wait to try it on an “expedition” i.e. ski trips into the MT and Yellowstone backcountry.
W Deans
Livingston Montana

Gill After Summiting Bronette Peak, MT


Ka is an absolute lifesaver in adjusting to European time zones. With my jetlag, it quite literally “pulled back the curtain” of the jetlag and cleared the foggy feeling you get. And, I think it helped my body adjust to the time zone more quickly by avoiding all that caffeine stimulation. – THANK YOU!” BC-Atlanta


“I used it for sailing the other day, worked great, though with Ka! I might not need a boat, I might just swim to Nantucket.” -JL, Rhode Island


Thanks for sending Ka! to me before my FIRST 50 K race. It truly is an amazing product. It gave me the extra mental endurance and focus I needed to get through the last part of the race. I compete in Ironman triathlons. I will always put KA ! as part of my training supplementation program. Thank you Sean for introducing me to such a wonderful product. I am also a owner of a fitness facility and now introducing the product to my clients. Thank you, Frank


I wanted to take a moment and thank Sean for developing Ka!  I have been a 2 cup a day coffee drinker for many years and recently added in 2 cups of green tea in the afternoons. I have a busy life: I am a regular at Bikram Yoga, work out 5 days a week, have a full time job, am building an energy business as well as having a great wife and two kids that are 12 & 9.  To say that my life is busy is a vast understatement.  The coffee was there mainly to get my motor started and the tea was there to keep it going each day.  When I learned of Ka! from Sean I thought I would give it a try as I know Sean to be a man of integrity and a person I trust.  I can only say WOW!!  By doing just one serving a day I have been able to eliminate coffee and tea from my daily routine.  I have much clearer mental focus and have seen a dramatic increase in physical energy with no side effects or crashing or anything like that.  I have some knee challenges and those are not manifesting as they used to.  I have tried MANY “Super Foods” over the years to help alkalize and energize my body naturally.  However, they all taste like I put green hay in my mouth, which always caused me to stop using it.  NOT Ka! the taste is awesome and I look forward to it every morning.  It is now a regular part of my daily routine.  As a man approaching 50 years old I can assure you this product has brought my mental and physical power levels back to those I experienced in my 30’s.  Thanks Sean for taking the time and putting in all the effort to make an organic product that tastes good and helps me to stay on top of my game. 

Been experiencing stiffness & swelling with my knee over last week.  The other day I thought I would double up on the KA to see what happened.  After just two days the swelling & stiffness have gone away.  As I continue to use the product I am amazed at what it is capable of doing.  I am all in.   
R. Reutti, VA       



I work 10-hour days with little sitting and lots of lifting, pushing and pulling. At 46 that can make for a long day, and in the past I’d grab a Red Bull or another energy drink that would make me want exactly that, another energy drink. High, crash, high, crash. The first day I drank Ka! I had energy and stamina and FOCUS throughout the day, and I didn’t want or need more later. I swear I could see more clearly! The organic strength of this stuff is life-changing, and I can really feel it on the bike or in the kayak. Thanks for sharing your secret formula with us Sean. -L. Smith


I tried Ka! for the first time two weeks ago. After one week of using the product I noticed a clarity in my thinking. I have hypothyroidism which sometimes drains my energy even with proper medication. Within 1 week I felt an energy source that lasted throughout my day. I was able to enjoy more time with my family without feeling drained from the days activity by 8:00 pm as I had in the past. I have also been able to continue my workouts with more frequency thanks to the added energy levels each day. Additionally, I was surprised by the appearance of my monthly cycle as it was not accompanied by the normal prerequisite emotional tirade I usually undergo. I was even keeled right up to the beginning of the cycle and throughout it as well. I have never seen such an affect from a product, even Pamprin has never given me the response I received just from drinking one tablespoon a Ka! a day. Thank you so very much for the creation of this product. You have a customer for life! Sincerely, GG – Ka! Enthusiast




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