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Ka! Mental Fitness Superfood

KA! Organic is an unprecedented combination of Superfoods to help strengthen the mind toughen the body and increase endurance.* World class athletes always note that their state of mind is the primary ingredient in epic performance.

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About the Partners


KA! Organic Mental Fitness Superfood was created by individuals whose goal is to be environmental stewards, positively connecting business with socially responsible actions committed to creating a healthy planet.


Pierre Ferrari 

Pierre Ferrari is CEO of Heifer International and on the Board of Directors at Ben & Jerry’s FoundationMaji Mazuri Centre International a member of the Executive Committee of Guayaki, and the Small Enterprise Assistance Fund

Andrew Goldstein 

An Ecologist and Nutritionist, Andrew Goldstein has spent three decades in the organic industry, from President of a multi-million dollar Natural Foods Cooperative to co-Owner of a 36 acre Organic Farm, producing mushrooms, flowers, heirloom vegetables.  Andrew is currently near the Pacific Ocean in the redwoods of west Sonoma, working on Coho Salmon recovery in the Salmon Creek and Russian River Watersheds.  He has also supported projects including Dental Care for the Poor in Georgia, and Heifer International.

Kim Ferrari 

A practicing Buddhist, Kim Ferrari is currently a Board Member of the Rubin Museum of Art: Art of the Himalayas.

Sean Burch 

An adventure fitness athlete, consultant, speaker, and writer, Sean Burch was awarded Goodwill Ambassador to Nepal for 2011 by their government, and is currently working with the Nepal Trust in Nepal has assisted the World Wildlife Fund in Tanzania, the Fujisan Club in Japan, and multiple health outpost clinics throughout the Khumbu region of Nepal.  Sean is a multiple world record holder, and has been an instructor of martial arts and master fitness consultant for over 22 years.  He is author of the highly acclaimed self-help and fitness book, Hyperfitness: 12 Weeks to Conquering Your Inner Everest



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We know as students you must excel in your endeavors both mental and physical. Whether the you are on the field or in the classroom, athlete and academics need mental fitness. We at Ka! also understand that students live on a budget. And we're here to support that too. Find out how we can help!