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Ka! Mental Fitness Superfood

KA! Organic is an unprecedented combination of Superfoods to help strengthen the mind toughen the body and increase endurance.* World class athletes always note that their state of mind is the primary ingredient in epic performance.

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Power User Pack
Designed for the athlete and the high mental performer, we created the Ka! Power-User Pack knowing your engagement in the many outdoor activities, travel, research, and teaching requires maximal output.


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: $229.99

Our best value, a full 3 month’s supply for daily use!
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Ka! Travel Pack
At Ka! we believe in mobility for travel and mobility for when you’re training so we designed the Travel Pack with lightweight transportation in mind for the high traveler. Whether you are on the go for business or pleasure, a student studying overseas or a cyclist in need of strong mental fortitude, the Ka! Travel Pack allows you to carry Ka! with you wherever you may go.For traveling, light weight and compact!


MSRP: $260.00
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Ka! Starter Pack

Ka! was designed to enable anyone with passions, goals and determination at self betterment to achieve maximal mental fitness in whatever the pursuit. The Ka! Start-up Pack has everything needed to test drive the organic nutrient-dense supplement with a full container and an additional three free travel packets so you can even utilize the benefits of Ka! outside of the home.


MSRP: $125.99
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One 12.7 oz Container of Ka!

Ka! Mental Fitness container containing enough mental power for 30 days

MSRP: $95.95


Pack of Four individual travel packs (.40 oz) of Ka!

Ka! Mental Fitness travel packs perfect for when you are on the move!

MSRP: $19.95


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We know as students you must excel in your endeavors both mental and physical. Whether the you are on the field or in the classroom, athlete and academics need mental fitness. We at Ka! also understand that students live on a budget. And we're here to support that too. Find out how we can help!