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KA! Organic is an unprecedented combination of Superfoods to help strengthen the mind toughen the body and increase endurance.* World class athletes always note that their state of mind is the primary ingredient in epic performance.

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Modern Science with Ancient Tradition


Let’s talk science. If you search for mental toughness, the latest brain function research talks about the connection between dopamine and noradrenaline. They appear to be the key neurotransmitters to support mental strength, persistence and drive. Then you find out about the importance of phenylalanine. You get pills of phenylalanine. Sometimes you take them and something happens; you get more energized. And a lot of times nothing at all happens. Part of that is because other nutrients turn phenylalanine into noradrenaline and dopamine. These are the synergistic effects we mention above. The complex mushroom blend and the sophisticated herbal blend in KA offers all of the cofactors necessary. These are essential nutrients that are required as co-factors to enzymes that are involved in the process of conversion. KA! Is formulated to support this neurobiological pathway and offer all of the co-factors in a totally natural and organic way. The principal actor is the mycelial blend. An example of the component is Lion’s Mane, Hericium erinaceus, a most important mushroom for supporting brain function. Japanese research has shown that Lion’s Mane produces compounds called Eninacines, which are strong stimulators to nerve growth factor synthesis. These compounds stimulate neurons to regrow, which supports normal cognitive function, muscular coordination and response, and neurological repair. KA! also provides other “nerve tonic” mushroom species to complement the activity of Lion’s Mane. Ka! promotes mental clarity and supports cerebrovascular health and neurotransmission. Ka!’s herbal blend, including Goji, Ginger, Gotu Kola, and Rhodiola, along with Vitamins B12 and E, all support circulatory health and neurological efficiency*.

KA! Ingredients that Support the Claims

Increases energy for sustained concentration: Yerba Mate, Guarana given their caffeine content and immediate alertness. Cordyceps for supporting cellular ATP production. Ginger as heart function booster, B12 for affecting brain function and nerve heath support,

Vit E for neurological conduction supports cellular oxygen uptake: Goji berries, circulatory support, pituitary gland support,

Ginko for micro capillary flow improvement increases stamina: Ginseng and sense of well-being, Rhodiola improves mental performance, Gotu Kola improves circulation.

Mushrooms (Maitake and Cordyceps) through ATP enhancement increase flow and efficiency of cellular functions promotes bio-energy ATP: principally Cordyceps rapid stimulation for superior focus: Yerba Mate and Guarana promotes circulation to brain and body: almost all of our ingredients do this! Ginger, B12, Goji, etc…all have positive circulatory impact.

supports core areas of central nervous system:

B12, Mushrooms, Ginger,Ginseng,Rhodiola, Gingko, Gotu Kola, Vit E supports immune system: This is linked to anti-oxidant effects…Acerola, Goji, VitE antioxidant effects same as above strengthen the mind: B12, Goji berries, mushrooms, white willow bark as an anti-inflammatory, Rhodiola, Gingko, Gotu Kola, Vit E toughen the body: Acerola, Ginger (anti-nausea effect) mushrooms, white willow bark) anti-inflammation and pain killer) Ginseng, Schisandra (key function here) increase endurance (may be same as stamina): here it is similar but add in the anti-inflammatory ingredients: Acerola, Ginger, Goji, Mushrooms, white willow bark, Schisandra, Gotu Kola.


Mental Fitness Superfood

Acerola: An amazing fruit with the highest level of Vitamin C to be found naturally. Also contains more Vitamin A than carrots, Thiamine and Riboflavin, as well as essential minerals as iron and calcium. It helps protect the body from cancer, boosts the immune system and boosts metabolism.
American Ginseng: An herb that relaxes and stimulates the nervous system, encourages secretions of hormones, improves stamina, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and increases resistance to disease.
Yerba Mate: A caffeine & theobromine stimulant and antioxidant that increases mental clarity, reduces fatigue, and assists in weight loss.
Ginger: An aromatic warming herb that is an expectorant, increases perspiration, improves digestion and liver function, controls nausea, stimulates circulation, relaxes spasms and relieves pain.
Goji: A super antioxidant fruit that protects the liver, helps eyesight, boosts the immune system and promotes longevity.
Guarana: An herb that contains caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system and increases metabolism, but is released to the body much more slowly than that from coffee, providing a longer and more sustained stimulation.
Sea Salt: This special salt contains 84 of the natural minerals and elements found in the human body. It controls the water levels within the body, promotes a stable pH in the cells, reduces muscle cramps and increases bone strength.
Honey: It’s natural fruit sugars play an important role in preventing fatigue during exercise. The glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost, while the fructose is absorbed more slowly providing sustained energy. It is known that honey has also been found to keep levels of blood sugar fairly constant compared to other types of sugar. Honey aids digestive problems such as indigestion, stomach ulcers, and gastroenteritis.
Rhodiola: An adaptogen herb that strengthens the nervous system, fights depression, enhances immunity, elevates the capacity for exercise and energy levels, enhances memory, and aids in weight loss.
Schisandra Berry: One of the best herbal tonics for the nervous system, kidney and heart energies. A warming herb that controls coughing and moistens dry and irritated tissues.
Soy Protein: A vegetable protein that contains all the essential amino acids which helps to increase the nutritional value of other foods ingested, reduces cholesterol, and helps reduce the risks of heart-related diseases.
Stevia: Lowers blood sugar, kills bacteria and other infectious organisms, reduces dental plaque, and fights gum disease.
Vitamin B-12: Needed for blood formation and to increase strength to the nervous system.
Vitamin E: A strong antioxidant that protects against Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer and heart disease.
White Willow: A cooling herb that relieves pain, lowers fever, and reduces inflammation. Especially helpful for those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, and neuralgia.




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